Friday, November 24, 2017

Today members of the Spinning Group will be getting together at Kathy's to spin and enjoy each others company.  Maybe this should be a new tradition for Black Friday

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cathy McCarthy, our November speaker, loves winding mixed warps for her looms.  She loves getting things done quickly, and winding a mixed warp is much faster using a warping paddle.  At our meeting she showed us a couple of ways to wind mixed warps using 2 methods she is familiar with.  Also she used 2 different warping paddles.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

As promised here are a couple photographs of the felted pumpkins.  Aren't they great!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

What a fun meeting was had by all.  Kelly was teaching us to make felted pumpkins.  Everyone's pumpkins were still in process by the end of the meeting, so when we get photos they will be posted.  Included here are some of the show and tell items that were shown off proudly by our members.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A great first meeting for the Guild.  We had a wonderful time catching up on what happened over the summer.  Members brought items that they had woven over the summer to share with everyone.  I've included some of the photos here. 

Don't forget the next meeting is October 10th.  Come join us.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Upcoming Guild program guide for this year

• There will be two parts: first, the Board is looking for ideas for programs and workshops to work into the schedule for the next two years. Second, “What I did on my summer vacation”. The Board is looking for reports of conferences, workshops, classes and festivals you attended.
o What did you like? ...
o Not like?
o Would you recommend?
o Ballpark costs to attend.

October –
• Our annual felting program with Kelly Brandt. This year will feature fall holiday pumpkins

November –
• Cathy McCarthy will be presenting a lecture on mixed warps.

December –
• The winter holiday potluck. While we eat, we talk about our Murphy’s Law experiences. If something can go wrong, it will.

January – Lynn H (aka ColorJoy) will present “Color: Losing the Fear”.
• Program description:
o Do you hold yourself back when you consider new color combinations? Does the process of weaving make you happy, but your yarn choices perhaps don't look the way you anticipated after weaving? Michigan Traditional Arts/MTAAP Master Artist Lynn Hershberger has been studying the combining of colors for over three decades, and teaching about it for nearly twenty years.
o In this presentation, Lynn will cover a table with yarns of different colors, and show combinations hands on while explaining why they work or not. She will break down color jargon into concepts for everyone. She will introduce tried-and-true combination methods which have stood the test of time, and which do not have to be boring to succeed.
o You will surely return to your loom with more confidence.

February – to be determined

March – to be determined

April – to be determined

May –
• Annual Business Meeting:
o annual election, group reports: community outreach, study group, early weavers, spinners, portable looms

June – End of Year pot luck

The GLWG Weaving Study Group has been a Guild activity for years. The group membership has fluctuated from 12 members or more to 3 or 4. The group participants discuss their interests, someone suggests a topic and thru consensus, the group decides on their study topic for the next year. Over the years, this group has studied twills, crackle and borders among some possibilities.

This year, the suggestion for studying Freeform Design came from a couple of guild members. Over the past few years these members have been discussing putting motifs and/or borders on their weavings. Not having multiple harness looms they were looking for some other simpler techniques. A few years ago, they had participated in a workshop with Su Butler: "Easy Pickup" with the Ontario Guild, for 4 harness looms, but it didn't quite fill the bill as to what they were seeking. You can check out Su Butler's web site for her course description, etc: Su based a lot of her instruction on Erica de Ruiter's work: "Weaving on Three Shafts" and "Easy Pick-up Patterning On Two, Three & Four Shafts". Su Butler:

These same guild members already own Nancy Searles book: The Technique of Freeform Design" as Searles provides instruction for 4 shaft looms, and this year it was suggested to try this out and work with it...and so they are. They have continued to work with it and thus their suggestion to the study group to join them in this endeavor.