Sunday, September 12, 2010

Library Borrowing Policies

Any current member of the Guild is eligible to borrow books or other materials from the library. To see a complete list of our holdings, look here. You will notice that each item is tagged with one of seven different tags. The librarians in charge of the materials associated with each tag are:

(1) Books (Author A to L):
(1) Books (Author M to Z):

(2) Magazine/bulletin:
(3) Pamphlet/booklet: 
(4) GLWG: 
(5) Shuttle Craft Guild monographs

6) Handwoven magazine:
(7) Non-print media:
To request a title, contact the librarian in charge of that item. (Email is strongly preferred.) She will bring that title to the next regular Guild meeting, and it will be due back at the following regular meeting. Titles can be renewed up to three times, assuming no other member has placed that title on hold. If you wish to renew, please contact the librarian in advance of the meeting when that item would have normally been due.