Sunday, April 10, 2016

Change of location for April Meeting ~ The Hen House, 211 S Cochran Ave, Charlotte MI
Meeting date - 4/12/2016
Hidden treasures – The Handwoven Sample Sets in the Guild Library. This program and meeting will be held at the guild library (Hen House in Charlotte). The guild has a collection of samples woven by members over the last 50 years. Want to see how a structure looks woven in cloth? Peggy Adams will take us on a tour of this collection.
Amidst the many sample books in the Guild Library, Peggy will be sharing information for only two of them:
1) Harrisville Designs "The Fabric Book". [1980]The Fabric Book was conceived at Harrisville Designs as an educational tool which would make available a collection of ideas illustrated by actual handwoven fabric samples. Since many Guilds could not afford the book, Harrisville made available information and drafts for Guilds to weave their own samples and eventually have an entire "Fabric Book" of their own. The book is divided into four sections, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of fabric design and weaving technique: 1. Setts - single ply, 2, ply, homespun, Designer, Mixed Weight; 2) Finishing: single ply, 2, ply, homespun, Designer, Mixed Weight; 3. Four Harness Idea Fabrics - Eight warps; 4) Multi-Harness Idea Fabrics - 8 Harness Twills; Warp brocade; Twill Blocks; Double Weave Blocks.
Each sample shows the name of the GLWG Weaver and an explanation of the samples.
2) Michigan Sesquicentennial Study Group [1987]. The Michigan Sesquicentennial Study Group began s a celebration of our heritage and our 150 years of statehood. Each member studied the history and weaving of an ethnic group that was a major part of Michigan's population during the first 50 years of statehood.

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